Sunday, January 22, 2017

Accommodations related Bergamo conference

Link to Hotel cappello d'Oro

While you are free to stay wherever you like, we have made a special arrangement with the beautiful Hotel Best Western Cappello d’Oro ( for our attendees. They have offered us a reduced number of rooms at a special rate.
To book, or if you have further questions about the rooms, please contact the travel agency,   Gruppi Michela Ayala Viaggi:
Michela Mora - Responsabile Gruppi &  Incentive
E mail  
Ufficio gruppi - 24035 Curno - Via Trento 4  Tel. 035. 4517154  
fax 035.4371786 - cell. 348.1017264
The travel agency requires your name, family name, address, phone number, which kind of room you want: single, double with single use, double, and how many days you are going to stay: If you are just attending the conference: from 28 April to May 1st – 3 nights. Add more nights if you choose to stay for the great opportunity to follow the workshop with both Charles Krebs and Adam Lehman presenting! 
The rate varies slightly according to the number of days you chose to stay, and added days are even cheaper! The price includes breakfast but not the €3.50 daily Tax to be paid on the spot. There are only so many pre-booked rooms and they will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis so do not wait before booking.
                                                                                                                                                                             Double room
3 nights - € 140                  - 4 nights - € 180                - 5 nights - € 2
Single Room
3 nights - € 220                  - 4 nights - € 285                                - 5 nights - € 350
Double for single use (for those of us who like to spread out!)
3 nights - €245  - 4 nights - € 330 - 5 nights - € 415
You can pay with credit card or through bank transfer:
c/o BANCA POPOLARE DI BERGAMO – Fil. di Longuelo (BG)


For more info about Bergamo conference please click here!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

International classes

Dansk Pædagogisk Kinesiologiskole offers  classes of following instructors:

1/ Bora Doran

Name of center sponsoring: Dansk Pædagogisk Kinesiologiskole,
Place: Gentofte - Denmark  (City, Country)
Dates: 6-8 october + 9-11 october 2016
Presenting the following class/es: K-Power® Five Elements and Fundamentals for Mind and Body Therapists. + K-Power® Core and Muscle Technique

Name of center sponsoring: Dansk Pædagogisk Kinesiologiskole,
Place: Gentofte - Denmark  (City, Country)
Dates: 17-20 november 2016
Presenting the following class/es:Transforming DNA Memories

Link to the sponsor's own website

Monday, March 21, 2016

Celebration of International Kinesiology Day in the UK

The Suffolk Team;
Rachel Lead, (Perceptual Bodywork/Creative Kinesiology AKFRP) Anita Ramsden, (PB/CK KFRP (assoc) Julie Chevous, (Progressive K. KFRP) Cathy Baumguertel & Elizabeth Johns (both TFH 4 level - students) joined together...and had a fabulous time, sharing kinesiology techniques, doing swops, meeting members of the public and promoting Kinesiology in the UK

Sunday, February 21, 2016

International Kinesiology Day 2016 March 19

As earlier everyone can pitch in organizing events everywhere, conferences, open doors or information evenings, so that this energy, worldwide, can boost every little effort each one of us makes to foster the development of Specialized/Energy Kinesiology worldwide.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           IASK Board

Saturday, February 20, 2016

International classes

Dansk Pædagogisk Kinesiologiskole offers following class:
Name of the instructor

              Adam Lehman 

Name of center sponsoring: Dansk Pædagogisk Kinesiologiskole,
Place: Gentofte - Denmark  (City, Country)
Dates: 30. March to 5. of April 
Presenting the following class/es: HeartMath 1+2 and Holographic Touch for Health 1+2.
Link to the sponsor's website:

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016

Last information prior to the Third meeting of Kinesiology Associations

    We meet January 15th, Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. after a quick
lunch cum registration, starting at 1 p.m. We shall break around 5 p.m.
to go to the boat, take the cruise and then go to dinner :-)
Jeannette Wensink, our great event organizer has sent some more
information about the boat cruise and dinner:
    The boat is heated and covered; it will leave at 18.00 hours sharp.
We’ll walk to the pickup place as a group. Costs depend on the final
number of paricipants and will have to be paid with exact cash to
Jeannette (who made the advance payment with BvK) on the spot !
The canal tour will take 1 hour.
   The boat will drop us off at 19.00 at Restaurant van Puffelen, where
we’ll have dinner. It’s a group menu for €29,00 each, including taxes.
Drinks and tips are not included. Everyone has to pay cash, preferably
the exact amount. The menu is in Dutch and English and there’s a
choice available (3 starters, 3 main dishes and 4 deserts, including
vegetarian options). The restaurant uses local and organic products.
It’s located on the Prinsengracht in a historic building.
Koninginneweg 34-36, 1075 CZ Amsterdam T: +31 (0) 20 664 6111
From Schiphol Airport*: shuttle-bus service leaving twice an hour
stopping at several hotels in Amsterdam or Schiphol-Amsterdam
Express service bus 197 or a train from Schiphol Airport to
Amsterdam Central Station or Station Zuid. Then follow directions
From Amsterdam Central Station
Take tram N° 2 direction Nieuw Sloten. Get out at the Cornelis
Schuytstraat stop. It's a 2 minutes' walk to the hotel.
From Amsterdam Station Zuid
Take citybus 15 direction station Sloterdijk to Haarlemmermeer
Station. It’s a 11 minutes walk to the hotel. from there.
Looking very much forward to meeting you there :-)
        Nicolette Peyre, President on behalf of the Board of IASK
        Jeannette Wensink, on behalf of the Boards of BvK and